Volume 16 (2014)

Issue 1
Issue 16.1 (March 2014)

Issue 2
Issue 16.2 (June 2014)
Thematic Issue: History, Memory, and the Making of Character in Roth's Fiction
Ed. Gustavo Sánchez-Canales and Victoria Aarons

Issue 3
Issue 16.3 (September 2014)
Including Thematic Cluster: Love, Sexualities, and Marriage in Literature

Issue 4
Issue 16.4 (December 2014)
Thematic Issue: New Work in Ecocriticism
Ed. Simon C. Estok and Murali Sivaramakrishnan

Issue 5
Issue 16.5 (December 2014)
Special Issue: New Work on Electronic Literature and Cyberculture
Ed. Maya Zalbidea, Mark C. Marino, and Asunción López-Varela

Issue 6
Issue 16.6 (December 2014)
Special Issue: Western Canons in a Changing East Asia
Ed. Simon C. Estok