Volume 15 (2013)

Issue 1
Issue 15.1 (March 2013)
Including Thematic Cluster: Black African Literatures and Cultures

Issue 2
Issue 15.2 (June 2013)
Thematic Issue: Asian Culture(s) and Globalization
Ed. I-Chun Wang and Li Guo

Issue 3
Issue 15.3 (September 2013)
Thematic Issue: Literacy and Society, Culture, Media, and Education
Ed. Kris Rutten and Geert Vandermeersche

Issue 4
Issue 15.4 (December 2013)

Issue 5
Issue 15.5 (December 2013)
Special Issue: World Literatures from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-first Century
Ed. Marko Juvan

Issue 6
Issue 15.6 (December 2013)
Special Issue: New Work about World Literatures
Ed. Graciela Boruszko and Steven Tötösy de Zepetnek

Issue 7
Issue 15.7 (December 2013)
Special Issue: New Work in Comparative Literature in Europe
Ed. Marina Grishakova, Lucia Boldrini, and Matthew Reynolds