Munehiro Niwano


Risshō Kōsei-kai (RKK) was founded by Nikkyō Niwano in 1939 to awaken the Buddha-nature in everyone. RKK’s faith practices are developed for achieving this purpose. The founder manifested “sūtra recitation” as an important practice following the teaching of “the five practices of teachers of the Dharma.” This article examines the five Lotus Sūtra, practices: (1) “receiving and keeping,” (2) “reading” and (3) “reciting,” (4) “expounding” and (5) “copying.” The author explains how in these practices one listens to the preaching of the Buddha, shows their appreciation, and grasps the true intention of the Buddha. In this way, the author argues, one can become a person who can revere the Buddha-nature in everyone including oneself.