Article Title

The Pact


Chiara Lubich


The text in this article is an account by Chiara Lubich of the experience that initiated a period of intense mystical illumination called Paradise ’49. It is part of a document not yet fully published written by Chiara about this period that extended from 1949 to 1951. In this segment of the document (nos. 19–42), Chiara tells of the arrival of Igino Giordani in the mountains near Trent and how his request to her led them to make a pact of unity together at communion during the Eucharist on the following day. This event brought Chiara into a new relationship with God, entering the Trinitarian life, which she shared first with Igino Giordani and then also with her other companions. It was the birth of a new relationship of unity among them where each one was that unity and each one was distinct, the birth of what Chiara named the “Soul.” The final section (nos. 38–42) is the beginning of the description of the very first moments of what happened as together they felt they were entering the life of the Trinity.