Callan Slipper


The category of the person is a pillar of Chiara Lubich’s experience and thought. It is fundamental to the philosophical and theological anthropology at the basis of the culture that, in its various expressions, is in the process of developing from her inspiration. To understand this category, however, it is necessary to see the person in the context of the whole architecture of her thinking. Looking at Lubich’s as yet unpublished notes of the experience of Paradise of ’49, this article attempts an outline of this architecture in four sections. It begins with an overview of created reality in relation to uncreated reality, showing how all things are the creaturely expression of the Trinity of love that God is. Then, it looks at the specific characteristic of humanity that recapitulates creation and lives its creatureliness in a personal manner. Next, it demonstrates how this specific characteristic is focused in Mary the Theotōkos, the perfect example of a human person. This leads, finally, to seeing how the individual person is fulfilled in being Jesus, that is fully realized when human persons together partake of the presence of Jesus among them.