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Cite this chapter as: Salam A. (2020) Internet of Things in Water Management and Treatment. In: Internet of Things for Sustainable Community Development. Internet of Things (Technology, Communications and Computing). Springer, Cham


The goal of the water security IoT chapter is to present a comprehensive and integrated IoT based approach to environmental quality and monitoring by generating new knowledge and innovative approaches that focus on sustainable resource management. Mainly, this chapter focuses on IoT applications in wastewater and stormwater, and the human and environmental consequences of water contaminants and their treatment. The IoT applications using sensors for sewer and stormwater monitoring across networked landscapes, water quality assessment, treatment, and sustainable management are introduced. The studies of rate limitations in biophysical and geochemical processes that support the ecosystem services related to water quality are presented. The applications of IoT solutions based on these discoveries are also discussed.


IoT, sustainability, water and food scarcity, increasing global temperatures, energy issues, climate crises

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