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Cite this chapter as: Salam A. (2020) Internet of Things for Sustainable Human Health. In: Internet of Things for Sustainable Community Development. Internet of Things (Technology, Communications and Computing). Springer, Cham


The sustainable health IoT has the strong potential to bring tremendous improvements in human health and well-being through sensing, and monitoring of health impacts across the whole spectrum of climate change. The sustainable health IoT enables development of a systems approach in the area of human health and ecosystem. It allows integration of broader health sub-areas in a bigger archetype for improving sustainability in health in the realm of social, economic, and environmental sectors. This integration provides a powerful health IoT framework for sustainable health and community goals in the wake of changing climate. In this chapter, a detailed description of climate-related health impacts on human health is provided. The sensing, communications, and monitoring technologies are discussed. The impact of key environmental and human health factors on the development of new IoT technologies also analyzed.


Sustainable health, IoT, Sustainability, Human body communications

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