A. Salam, "A Path Loss Model for Through the Soil Wireless Communications in Digital Agriculture", in Proc. 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (IEEE APS), Atlanta, GA, USA, July 2019.


In this paper, a path loss model is developed to predict the impact of soil type, soil moisture, operation frequency, distance, and burial depth of sensors for through-the-soil wireless communications channel. The soil specific model is developed based on empirical measurements in a testbed and field settings. The model can be used in different soils for a frequency range of 100MHz to 1GHz. The standard deviation between measured and predicted path loss is from 4-6dB in the silt loam, sandy, and silty clay loam soil types. The model leads to development of sensor-guided irrigation system in the field of digital agriculture.


Digital Agriculture, Wireless Underground Channel, Underground Communications, Internet of Underground Things

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