A. Salam and S. Shah, “Urban Underground Infrastructure Monitoring IoT: The Path Loss Analysis,” in Proc. 2019 IEEE 5th World Forum on Internetof Things (IEEE WF-IoT 2019), Limerick, Ireland, Apr. 2019.


The extra quantities of wastewater entering the pipes can cause backups that result in sanitary sewer overflows. Urban underground infrastructure monitoring is important for controlling the flow of extraneous water into the pipelines. By combining the wireless underground communications and sensor solutions, the urban underground IoT applications such as real time wastewater and storm water overflow monitoring can be developed. In this paper, the path loss analysis of wireless underground communications in urban underground IoT for wastewater monitoring has been presented. It has been shown that the communication range of up to 4 kilometers can be achieved from an underground transmitter when communicating through 10cm thick asphalt layer.


Signals in the asphalt, Subsurface Electromagnetic waves, Urban Underground Infrastructure Monitoring, Wireless underground communications, Underground sensing, Underground Antenna

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