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The purpose of this study was to concurrently examine the effects of expatriate adjustment and job satisfaction on intent to stay for a sample of Japanese expatriates. The paper has two airms: (1) to extend the findings of Black and Stephens (1989), who concluded that adjustment is a multidimensional construct comprised of general, interaction, and work adjustment, and (2) to examine the effects of another relevant, yet neglected, explanatory variable, job satisfaction, on intent to stay. Data from a matched-pair set of 119 expatriates and their spouses were used. Several significant relationships were found. First, the multidimensionality of expatriate adjustment was confirmed. Second, work adjustment and interaction adjustment were directly related to the expatriates' intent to stay. Third, intrinsic job satisfaction was also directly related to intent to stay. Finally, the spouse's assessment of the expatriate's intent to stay and the expatriate's actual intent to stay were not observed to be interchangable.

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