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A New Synthesis: Research Resources to Research Experiences

H. Thomas Hickerson, University of Calgary

Acquiring E-books – Does (Should) Workflow Play a Role?

Alexis Linoski, Georgia Institute of Technology

Approvals, Slips, and DDA! Oh My! The Yellow Brick Road to Collaborative Approval and DDA Profiling

Keri Prelitz, California State University, Fullerton

Begin at the Beginning: Revamping Collection Development Workflows

Elyssa M. Gould, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Jennifer Mezick, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Canceling the Big Deal: Three R1 Libraries Compare Data, Communication, and Strategies

L. Angie Ohler, University of Maryland - College Park
Leigh Ann DePope, University of Maryland at College Park
Karen Rupp-Serrano, University of Oklahoma Norman Campus
Joelle Pitts, Kansas State University

Change – Watch for the Right Time Structuring Collections Budgets to Meet Current and Future Needs

John P. Blosser, Northwestern University

Change: Watch For The Right Time

Caryl Ward, Binghamton University
Jill E. Dixon, Binghamton University--SUNY

Comparison and Review of 17 E-Book Platforms

John Lavender, Lavender Consulting
Courtney McAllister, Yale University

Down the Rabbit Hole We Go Again (the 19th Health Sciences Lively Lunchtime Discussion)

Susan K. Kendall, Michigan State University
Ramune K. Kubilius, Northwestern University
Sarah McClung, University of California, San Francisco
Jean Gudenas, Medical University of South Carolina
Rena Lubker, Medical University of South Carolina

Embrace the Hive Mind: Engaging ILL and Research Services in Unsubscribed and OA Content Discovery

Jeffrey M. Mortimore, Georgia Southern University
Ruth L. Baker, Georgia Southern University
Rebecca Hunnicutt, Georgia Southern University
Natalie Logue, Georgia Southern University
Jessica Rigg, Georgia Southern University

From Big Ideas to Real Talk: A Front-line Perspective on New Collections Roles in Times of Organizational Restructuring

Meghan J. Ecclestone, University of Guelph
Sally A. Sax, Carleton University
Alana P. Skwarok, Carleton University

Glimpsing into the Future: Using the Curriculum Process System for Collection Development

Jennifer Young, East Tennessee State University

Incoming!: Surviving the Barrage of Vendor Communications

Edward F. Lener, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Legacy Missions in Times of Change: Defining and Shaping Collections in the 21st Century

Antje Mays, University of Kentucky
Oya Y. Rieger, Ithaka S+R

Matching Made in Heaven: Collections and Metadata Collaboration for Print Preservation

Alie Visser, Western University
Erin Johnson, Western University
Christina Zoricic, Western University

Pain Points and Solutions: Bringing Data for Startups to Campus

Kelly LaVoice, Vanderbilt University
Daniel Hickey, New York University
Mark Williams, Vanderbilt University

Piloting the Surge: Streaming Video and Academic Libraries

Joanna Kolendo, Chicago State University
Azungwe Kwembe, Chicago State University
Charlene Snelling, Chicago State University

Primary Rights and the Inequalities of E-Book Access

Roën F. Janyk, Okanagan College
Arielle R. Lomness, University of British Columbia

Reason Minus Zero/No Limit: Trying to Bring It Back Home

Thomas C. Reich, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Resource Discovery in a Changing Content World

Allen Jones, The New School
Cynthia R. Schwarz, Temple University
Hannah McKelvey, Montana State University - Bozeman
Rachelle McLain, Montana State University - Bozeman
Christine Stohn, Ex Libris Group

Six Impossible Things: Moving KBART into the Next Decade

Andrée Rathemacher, University of Rhode Island
Robert Heaton, Utah State University
Noah Levin, NISO KBART Standing Committee
Christine Stohn, Ex Libris

Something to Talk About: the Intersection of Library Assessment and Collection Diversity

Roxanne Marie Backowski, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Timothy Ryan Morton, University of Virginia

Strategic Reinvestments of Journal Packages at the Pennsylvania State University

Mihoko Hosoi, The Pennsylvania State University

Tangled Up in Books: Using the Lyrics of Bob Dylan to Understand the Changing Times of Collection Development

Thomas A. Karel, Franklin and Marshall College

The Open Landscape Environment as The Expanse

Barbara I. Dewey, Penn State

The Time Has Come... To Move Many Things: Inventorying and Preparing a Collection for Offsite Storage

Rachelle M. McLain, Montana State University-Bozeman
Hannah McKelvey, Montana State University-Bozeman

Tip of the Iceberg, Part 1: Choosing What Shows

Karen Kohn

Tip of the Iceberg: Part 2, Discovering What's Hidden

Rich Gause, University of Central Florida

Trot So Quick: Addressing Budgetary Changes

Star Holloway, Arkansas State University - Main Campus
Jeff Bailey, Arkansas State University - Main Campus

When you don’t know what you don’t know: How two new collections librarians right-sized a collections budget

Cara M. Cadena, Grand Valley State University
Marcia Lee, Grand Valley State University

Wrangling Weirdness: Lessons Learned from Academic Law Library Collections

Courtney McAllister, Yale University
Megan Brown, University of South Carolina - Columbia