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Collections Data, Tools, and Strategy: Applying R, Tableau, and Excel to Print Assessment

Lori M. Jahnke, Emory University
Chris Palazzolo, Emory University

Communicating Collections: Strategies for Informing Library Stakeholders of Collections, Budget, & Management Decisions

Laura Pascual, University of South Florida
John Abresch, University of South Florida
Anna Seiffert, Colorado School of Mines

Get it from the Source: Identifying Library Resources and Software Used in Faculty Research

Karen S. Alcorn, MCPHS University
Erin E. Wentz, MCPHS University
Gregory A. Martin, MCPHS University
Shanti C. Freundlich, MCPHS University
Joanne A. Doucette, MCPHS University

Making Collection Management Manageable: A Three-Phase Approach to an Annual Subscription Review

Hannah Pearson, Cleveland State University

New usage reports, new insights! How to use your COUNTER data in decision making processes

Athena Hoeppner, University of Central Florida
Sonja Lendi, Elsevier
Kornelia Junge, Wiley

Reference: Product Categories in the Digital Age

Kathryn Earle, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

Talking of Many Things: Dashboards for Reference Services Decision Making

Hui Hua Chua, Michigan State University
Rachel M. Minkin, Michigan State University

The Forest, The Trees, The Bark, The Pith: An Intensive Look at the Circulation Rates of Primary Texts in Ten Major Literature Areas at the University of Oregon Libraries

Jeff D. Staiger, University of Oregon

The Time has Come for eBooks, or has it?

Gabrielle Wiersma, University of Colorado Boulder
Leigh Beauchamp, ProQuest

The Time Has Come... To Build, Reflect, and Analyze Connections Between Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Jordan S. Sly, University of Maryland at College Park
Leigh Ann DePope, University of Maryland at College Park
Cynthia G. Frank, University of Maryland at College Park
Stephanie M. Ritchie, University of Maryland at College Park

What are students saying about their reference needs?

Damon Zucca, Oxford University Press