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African American Studies Collections and the American Season of Redemption

Courtney Becks, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Beyond Circulation: Assessing Collections in the Age of Student Success

Alicia Willson-Metzger, Christopher Newport University

Cost per Use as an Electronic Resources Evaluation Parameter: Can You Use It Under Extraordinary Circumstances?

Luis Joel Crespo, University of Puerto Rico

DDA: Are We Meeting Collection Goals or Vendor Sales Targets?

Debbi A. Smith, Adelphi University

Has American Exceptionalism Made the United States an Outlier on the Global Academic Stage?

Michèle V. Cloonan, Simmons University

Library Space Transformed

Jared L. Howland, Brigham Young University
Rebecca Schroeder, Brigham Young University

Spring Forward: Collaborating to Build and Assess a Collection of Learning Objects

Stephanie A. Jacobs, University of South Florida Libraries
Audrey Powers, University of South Florida Libraries

SSO’s Utopian Promise Is Based on Flawed Assumptions

Heather N. Shipman, Cornell University Library

Understanding and Measuring E-Book Packages: Print Purchasing Patterns and Book Usage

Weijing Yuan, University of Toronto
Eva Jurczyk, University of Toronto