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First Aid for Student Cost: Helping Nursing Faculty Move Away From Textbook Purchase Requirements

Lea A. Leininger, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

How Difficult Can It Be? Creating an Integrated Network Among Library Stakeholders to Promote Electronic Access

Denise M. Branch, Virginia Commonwealth University
Anne-Marie H. Viola, SAGE Publishing
Jamie Gieseck-Ashworth, EBSCO Information Services
Benjamin C. Johnson, Ex Libris, a Proquest Company

Nothing is Linear About Open Access Initiatives: Promoting OA at a New Research Institution

Jennifer King Matthews, Rowan University
Christine Davidian, Rowan University

Open Access: Getting on the Same Page: What if IR Managers and OA Policy Administrators Could Have Everything They Desire From Publishers?

John G. Dove, Paloma & Associates

ResearchGate vs. the Institutional Repository: Competition or Complement?

Julia Lovett, University of Rhode Island
Andrée J. Rathemacher, University of Rhode Island

The Scholarly Workflow in the Digital Age: What Do We Know? What Should We Do?

Steven Weiland, Michigan State University