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Are E-Book Packages Overwhelming and Redefining Your Collection?

Rhonda R. Glazier, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Matthew J. Jabaily, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Lynn E. Gates, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Assessing Large E-Book Collections: Is the Past a Roadmap for Developing Collections of the Future?

Stacy B. Baggett, Shenandoah University
Andrew Kulp, Shenandoah University

Beyond Cost Per Use: Exploring Multivariable E-Resource Assessment

Courtney R. McAllister, The Citadel

Books on Demand: A New(er) Look for Print Monographs Acquisitions

Paolo P. Gujilde, National Louis University
Cara Huwieler, ProQuest
Debra Skinner, Georgia Southern University

Comparing DDA E-Book Program Variances of Eight Large Academic Libraries

Kay Downey, Kent State University
Yin Zhang, Kent State University

Critical Business Collections: Examining Key Issues Using a Social Justice Lens

Heather A. Howard, Purdue University
Katharine V. Macy, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Corey Seeman, University of Michigan
Alyson S. Vaaler, Texas A&M University

EBA in Practice: Facilitating Evidence-Driven E-Book Programs in Both Consortium and Individual Library Settings

John Abresch, University of South Florida
Laura Pascual, University of South Florida
Andrea Langhurst Eickholt, Eastern Washington University

Is It Really “Not Applicable?” Zoom In to Understand E-Book Accessibility

Xiaoyan Song, North Carolina State University
Danica Lewis, North Carolina State University

Is the Past Really Prologue? The Effect of a University’s Consolidation on Its JSTOR Subscription

Melissa E. Johnson, Augusta University
Kate Kosturski, JSTOR/Artstor/Portico

O Brave New Print Collection, That Has Such Data Science Books in It!

Heidi Tebbe, North Carolina State University Libraries
Mira Waller, North Carolina State University Libraries

One Root, Many Trees: Reviving Collections Practices

Kevin Farley, Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries
Emily Davis Winthrop, Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries
Ibironke Lawal, Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries
Patricia Sobczak, Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries

Showcasing E-Book Platform Features

Shaun R. Bennett, North Carolina State University
Xiaoyan Song, North Carolina State University
Danica M. Lewis, North Carolina State University

Technology Lending: Just Like Any Other Collection, Sort Of

Bobby L. Hollandsworth, Clemson University

The Digital Monograph and Primary Source Databases: Agenda Toward a Unified Conversation

James Kessenides, Yale University Library

The Print Book Purging Predicament: Qualitative Techniques for a Balanced Collection

Allan Scherlen, Appalachian State University
Alex D. McAllister, Appalachian State University

What’s Past Is Possible: Opportunities and Perspectives for Library Alumni Resources

Jo-Anne Hogan, ProQuest
Corey Seeman, University of Michigan

You May Own It . . . But Can They Find It? A Panel Discussion: Part 3 of Panel Presentation: Collection-Level Cooperative Cataloging

Jeff O. Siemon, Anderson University