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“Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees”: Using a Data-Driven Review Process to Add New Resources With No Budget Increases

Priya Shenoy, Drake University
Laura Krossner, Drake University
Teri Koch, Drake University

Prologue to Perfectly Parsing Proxy Patterns

Jeremy M. Brown, Mercer University Libraries
Gretchen M. Smith, Mercer University Library

Reviewing A&Is and Aggregators in a Large Research Library Collection

Holly Inglis, University of Toronto Libraries
Weijing Yuan, University of Toronto Libraries
Cristina Sewerin, University of Toronto Libraries

Statistical Analysis, Data Visualization, and Business Intelligence Tools for Electronic Resources in Academic Libraries

Cheng Cheng, SUNY Oneonta
Tracy J. Gilmore, Virginia Tech
Colleen Lougen, SUNY New Paltz
Connie Stovall, Virginia Tech

Taking the Long View: A Case Study of E-Book Usage at a Comprehensive Research University

Edward F. Lener, Virginia Tech
Mitch Moulton, Springer Nature

Where Are We? Providing Information for the Clinical Enterprise (17th Health Sciences Lively Lunch)

Ramune K. Kubilius, Northwestern University
Jean Gudenas, Medical University of South Carolina
Laura Schimming, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Jonathan Shank, Northwestern University
Vida Vaughn, University of Louisville
Neal Nixon, University of Louisville