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A Tale of Two Campuses: Open Educational Resources in Florida and California Academic Institutions

Alejandra Nann, University of San Diego
Julia I. Hess, Ball State University
Sarah Norris, University of Central Florida
John Raible, University of Central Florida

Finding the Right Fit for Article Delivery: Using Resource Sharing Technology to Provide Enhanced Access

Shannon Pritting, SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Head in the Clouds: Will a Next-Generation Library Management System Bring Clear Vision?

Denise M. Branch, Virginia Commonwealth University

Moving From Reclaiming to Reclaimed: The Big Picture and a Case Study of a Trending Initiative

Bobby L. Hollandsworth, Clemson University

Using Technology to Facilitate Pre‐Acquisition Workflows for Electronic Resources

Paoshan W. Yue, University of Nevada, Reno

Wrangle Your Data Like a Pro With the Data Processing Power of Python

Geoffrey P. Timms, College of Charleston
Jeremy M. Brown, Mercer University Libraries