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Nobody Knows and Nobody Is Responsible: Issues in E-Books Workflow and Access

Tina M. Adams, Western Carolina University
Paromita Biswas, Western Carolina University

Open Access, Open Access, How Does Your Catalog Grow? With Selection, Access, and Usage All in a Virtual Row!

David W. Schuster, Binghamton University
Susan J. Martin, University of Chicago

Ordering E-Books From a Print Book Vendor

Jennifer R. Culley, The University of Southern Mississippi
Cindy Human, Midwest Library Service

Post-Acquisition Management and the Issue of Inaccessibility

Beth Caruso, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The Odd Couple: Teaming Up to Reduce Textbook Costs for Students

Teresa C. Hazen, University of Arizona
Niamh A. Wallace, University of Arizona

We’re on a Roll: Transforming E-Book Acquisitions in a Shifting Budget Landscape

Sheldon D. Armstrong, University of British Columbia
Ellen E. George, University of British Columbia
Arielle R. Lomness, University of British Columbia
Sally J. Taylor, University of British Columbia