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Cost Per User: Analyzing EZProxy Logs for Assessment

Tiffany M. LeMaistre, Nevada State College

Creating the Sandbox: The Juxtaposition of Collections and Student Development

Helen Salmon, University of Guelph Library
Linda Graburn, University of Guelph Library

Data That Counts, Charleston Conference 2015

Lorraine Estelle, Project COUNTER
Jo Lambert, JISC

Effect of Library Advocacy on Mendeley User Adoption and Productivity

Yath Ithayakumar, Elsevier
Helen Josephine, Stanford University

From Chaos to Community: Two Libraries Finding a Unified Direction

Melissa Johnson, Augusta University
Rod Bustos, Augusta University
Sandra Bandy, Augusta University

From Usability Studies to User Experience: Designing Library Services at the University of Kansas

Lea H. Currie, University of Kansas Libraries
Julie Petr, University of Kansas Libraries

How Do We Study Satisfaction With Academic E‐Book Collections?

Beth Caruso, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Alison D. Bradley, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Leveraging Usage Data and User‐Driven Development to Extend the Use of Collections

Kristen Garlock, ITHAKA/JSTOR

Next Steps in Discovery Implementation: User‐Centered Discovery System Redesign

Richard Guajardo, University of Houston
Kelsey Brett, University of Houston
Frederick Young, University of Houston

Summon, EBSCO Discovery Service, and Google Scholar: Comparing Search Performance Using User Queries

John Vickery, North Carolina State University Libraries
Karen Ciccone, Science Informatics

The 2014 Credo Survey

Allen McKiel, Western Oregon University

The User‐Driven Collection 4.0: The Next Phase in User‐Driven Monographic Acquisition

Darby Orcutt, North Carolina State University Libraries

Tough Love: Guiding Student Researchers Toward a Better Future for E‐Books

Emily OConnor, Rasmussen College
Kara Kroes Li, EBSCO Information Services
Melissa Fulkerson, Elsevier

Try, Try, Try Again: Better Faculty Outreach Through Trial and Error

Patti C. McCall, University of Central Florida
Sarah D. Schulman, Springer
Michael A. Arthur, University of Alabama Tuscaloosa

We’re Not So Different, You and I: How Librarians and Publishers Use Statistics in Different Ways to Achieve Similar Goals

Sarah D. Schulman, Springer
Alexis Linoski, Texas A&M System Libraries