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A Crossroads for Collection Development and Assessment, Its Fallout, and Unknowns: Where Do We Go From Here?

Thomas Reich, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

A New Kind of Social Media Strategy: Collecting Zines at the Vassar College Library

Heidy Berthoud, Vassar College Library

Acquisitions Everywhere: Modeling an Acquisitions Data Standard to Connect a Distributed Environment

Eric M. Hanson, North Carolina State University Libraries
Paul W. Lightcap, Florida State University Libraries
Matthew R. Miguez, Florida State University Libraries

Acquisitions in a Nutshell

Linda Creibaum, Arkansas State University
Jeff Bailey, Arkansas State University
Star Holloway, Arkansas State University

An Account and Analysis of the Implementation of Various E‐Book Business Models at Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Martin Borchert, Queensland University of Technology
Colleen Cleary, Queensland University of Technology

Back to the Future: Re‐Examining the Need for Shelf‐Ready Processes in the E‐Book Environment

Susan J. Martin, Texas Woman's University
Pamela D. Ward, Texas Woman's University
Brittney L. Washington, Texas Woman's University

BAM: The Basic Access Model for Content Mining Agreements

Darby Orcutt, North Carolina State University Libraries

“But That’s the Way We’ve Always Done It”: Shifting From a Liaison to a Centralized Model of Collection Development

Amanda R. Scull, Keene State College

Changing Operations of Academic Libraries

Jim Dooley, University of California, Merced

Changing the Conversation: Using Agile Approaches to Develop and Assess Collections Holistically

Genya O'Gara, Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA)
Cheryl Duncan, James Madison University

Collaborative Collection Development: Engaging Liaisons and Sharing Information

Alana Verminski, University of Vermont Libraries

Creating a Standard of Practice for License Alternatives

Christina M. Geuther, Kansas State University Libraries
Mira E. Greene, Kansas State University Libraries

Do-It-Yourself Title Overlap Comparisons

Melissa Belvadi, University of Prince Edward Island

Does Format Matter? Reader Preferences in an Academic Library Context

Jennifer L. Robertson, University of Toronto Libraries
Weijing Yuan, University of Toronto Libraries
Marlene van Ballegooie, University of Toronto Libraries

Dollars and Sense: Examining the RFP Process

J. Michael Thompson, University of Houston
Arta Kabashi, ProQuest
Carol Seiler, EBSCO Information Services
Eileen M. Condon, Webster University Libraries

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe: E‐Books Changed Our Workflow

Denise D. Novak, Carnegie Mellon University
Terry Hurlbert, Carnegie Mellon University

Evaluated, Removed, and Recycled—The Tale of Two Deaccession Projects Across the Disciplines

Martha E. Higgins, College of William and Mary
Lauren Goode, College of William and Mary
Mary Jordan, Appalachian State University
John Abbott, Appalachian State University

Giving Subject Specialists the Tools They Need to Succeed: The Collection Development Training Manual at the University of Maryland

Margaret Z. Saponaro, University of Maryland Libraries

Going Local: Creating Unique and Special Collections in an Academic Library

Arielle Lomness, University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus Library

Implementing Collection Life Cycle Management

Annie Bélanger, University of Waterloo Library

Keep Those Booktrucks Rolling: Strategies for a Major Move of the Library Collection

Edward F. Lener, Virginia Tech University
Leslie O'Brien, Virginia Tech University
Ladd Brown, Virginia Tech University

Leveraging Use‐by‐Publication‐Age Data in Serials Collection Decisions

Matthew J. Jabaily, Rhodes College
James R. Rodgers, University of Memphis
Steven A. Knowlton, University of Memphis

Libraries in a Bind: Practical Solutions and Human Responses to a Weeding Mandate

Alex D. McAllister, Appalachian State University
Allan Scherlen, Appalachian State University
Christina Mayberry, California State University Northridge
Kathy Marks, Better World Books
Carla Caforio, William B. Meyer

Managing, Marketing, and Measuring Open Resources

Trey Shelton, University of Florida
Steven Carrico, University of Florida
Ann Lindell, University of Florida
Tara T. Cataldo, University of Florida

Moving a Library Can Be Easy, but Planning and Project Management Is Key

Katie Gohn, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Multiplying by Division: Mapping the Collection at University of North Texas Libraries

Karen Harker, University of North Texas Libraries
Janette Klein, University of North Texas Libraries
Laurel Crawford, University of North Texas Libraries

One Library’s Successful Venture in Providing Comprehensive Streaming Media Services

Allyson Mower, University of Utah
Mary Ann James, University of Utah
Catherine Soehner, University of Utah
Maria Hunt, University of Utah
Dave Heyborne, University of Utah
Joni Clayton, University of Utah

Outsourced and Overwhelmed: Gaining a Grasp on Managing Electronic Resources

Matthew D. Harrington, North Carolina State University at Raleigh

Preserving the Past for the Future: Moving Toward Best Practices and Tools for Thoughtful Monographic Withdrawal

Mary Miller, University of Minnesota Libraries
Jennifer Teper, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Purchasing E‐Books from Life and Physical Science Society Publishers: Trends and Considerations

Kelli J. Trei, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Erin E. Kerby, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Rapid Collections Surveying With Book Traces @ UVa

Kristin Jensen, University of Virginia Library
Carla H. Lee, University of Virginia Library

Reconciling E‐Book Packages at NCSU Libraries

Christee Pascale, North Carolina State University Libraries
Xiaoyan Song, North Carolina State University Libraries

Review in Motion: Multi‐Year Electronic Resources Review at UTA Libraries

Peter Zhang, University of Texas at Arlington Libraries
Ashley Zmau, University of Texas at Arlington Libraries

Teetering Between Two Systems for Managing E‐Book Records

Stephen Francoeur, Newman Library, Baruch College
Michael Waldman, Newman Library, Baruch College

The Future of Textbooks and Course Reserves in Academic Libraries: An Evolving Role and Emerging Opportunity

Osman Celik, University of California Los Angeles
Roxanne M. Peck, University of California Los Angeles

The Library’s Role in the Changing World of Textbooks: Where Do We Go From Here?

Emily Ray, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

The New Collection Development: Planning and Assessment to Promote Innovation

Daniel C. Mack, University of Maryland

The Unknown Path—Evaluating Electronic Resources for Access‐Based Collection Development

Laurel S. Crawford, University of North Texas Libraries
Erin Miller, University of North Texas Libraries
Mark Henley, University of North Texas Libraries

Training a New Librarian in the What, How, Where, and Why of Health Sciences Collection Management

Susan K. Kendall, Michigan State University Libraries
Mari Monosoff-Richards, Michigan State University Libraries

Weeding Out in the Open: What Will the Neighbors Think?

Michael DeMars, California State University - Fullerton
Ann Roll, California State University - Fullerton

What ARE We Thinking? Collections Decisions in an Academic Library

Tasha Cooper, Syracuse University Libraries
Linda Galloway, Syracuse University Libraries
Shannon Pritting, SUNY Polytechnic Institute

When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It (15th Annual Health Sciences Lively Lunch)

Cunera M. Buys, Northwestern University Library
Jean Gudenas, Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Library
Ramune K. Kubilius, Northwestern University, Galter Health Sciences Library
Elizabeth R. Lorbeer, Western Michigan University, Homer Stryker School of Medicine