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Cost Impact in Managing the Transition to an Open Access Model

Gayle Rosemary Chan, University of Hong Kong

Developing a Weighted Collection Development Allocation Formula

Jeff Bailey, Arkansas State University
Linda Creibaum, Arkansas State University

Doing Things Differently in the Cloud: Streamlining Library Workflows to Maximize Efficiency

Vanessa A. Garofalo, Southeastern University‐Steelman Library

Earnestly Finding the Fun in Fund Codes

Leslie O'Brien, Virginia Tech
Tracy J. Gilmore, Virginia Tech
Connie Stovall, University of Alabama

Employing a Use Factor to Distribute Monographic Funds

Cindy D. Shirkey, East Carolina University
Lisa Sheets Baricella, East Carolina University

From Collection Development to Content Development: Organization and Staffing for the 21st Century

Sara E. Morris, University of Kansas
Lea Currie, University of Kansas

How Is That Going to Work? Part II—Acquisitions Challenges and Opportunities in a Shared ILS

Kathleen Spring, Linfield College
Damon Campbell, University of Oregon
Carol Drost, Willamette University
Siôn Romaine, University of Washington

I’ll Be Back: Post‐Purchase Activities and ROI

Michael A. Arthur, University of Central Florida
Tim Bucknall, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Stephanie Kaelin, Cambridge University Press
Sarah Schulman, Springer
Kristi Showers, Springer

Recovering Wet Materials: Disaster Plans and Recovery Workflows

Joshua M. Lupkin, Tulane University
Sally Krash, Tulane University
Eric Wedig, Tulane University

Relax, Be Earnest: Marketing a Serials Deselection Project

Stephanie J. Spratt, University of Colorado – Colorado Springs

Remote Storage: Leveraging Technology to Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Investments

Eric C. Parker, Northwestern University

Serious Savings With Short‐Term Loans

Erin L. Crane, Liberty University

Streamlined Licensing Through Institutional Master Agreements: A Success Story

Corey S. Halaychik, University of Tennessee Knoxville

The Big Shift: How VCU Libraries Moved 1.5 Million Volumes to Prepare for the Construction of a New Library

Ibironke Lawal, Virginia Commonwealth University
Patricia Selinger, Virginia Commonwealth University
Barbara Anderson, Virginia Commonwealth University

The Devil Is in the Details: Managing the Growth of Streaming Media in Library Collections

Jesse Koennecke, Cornell University
Susan Marcin, Columbia University
Matthew Pavlick, Columbia University