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Adios to Paper Journals—Removed and Recycled—One Mile Long and 75 Tons

John P. Abbott, Appalachian State University
Mary R. Jordan, Appalachian State University

Are E-Book Big Deal Bundles Still Valuable?

Aaron K. Shrimplin, Miami University Libraries
Jennifer W. Bazeley, Miami University Libraries

Breaking It Down: Electronic Resource Workflow Documentation

Alexandra Hamlett, Baruch College, CUNY

Changing Library Operations

Allen McKiel, Western Oregon University
Jim Dooley, University of California Merced
Robert Murdoch, Brigham Young University – Utah
Carol Zsulya, Cleveland State University

Collecting and Acquiring in Earnest (The 14th Annual Health Sciences Lively Lunch)

Wendy Bahnsen, Rittenhouse Book Distributors, Inc.
Yumin Jiang, University of Colorado at Denver
Ramune K. Kubilius, Northwestern University, Galter Health Sciences Library
Emma O'Hagan, Western Michigan University
Andrea Twiss-Brooks, University of Chicago

Collection Development, E-Resources, and Meeting the Needs of People with Disabilities

Axel Schmetzke, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Cheryl Pruitt, California State University
Michele Bruno, Cengage Learning

Condition Considerations: An Inquiry Into Recording Conditions in Consortial Collections for the Purpose of Selecting (and Deselecting) Shared Print Copies

Michael Garabedian, Whittier College

Cooperative Collection Development Requires Access: SALToC—A Low‐Tech, High‐Value Distributed Online Project for Article‐Level Discovery in Foreign‐Language Print‐Only Journals

Aruna P. Magier, New York University

Digital and Physical: Coevolving Formats in Today's Research Libraries

Cynthia Sorrell, University of Maryland Libraries

Do Libraries’ Needs Still Match Publisher Offerings? “The Truth Is Rarely Pure and Never Simple” (Oscar Wilde)

John Banionis, Future Science Group
Nadia Lalla, University of Michigan Taubman Health Sciences Library

Don’t Leave the Faculty at the Station: Introducing Faculty to Collection Development Grants

Don J. Welsh, College of William and Mary
Martha E. Higgins, College of William and Mary
Stephen D. Clark, College of William and Mary

E-Book Rights: Advocacy in Action

Katy Gabrio, Macalester College
Whitney Murphy, MyiLibrary/Ingram Content Group

Gift‐Gaining: Ideas for Effective Gift Processing

Mark C. Henley, University of North Texas

Good Things Come in Small Packages: Getting the Most From Shared Print Retention and Cooperative Collection Development With a Small Group of Libraries

Teresa Koch, Drake University
Cyd Dyer, Simpson College
Pamela Rees, Grand View University

It's Not Just About Weeding: Using Collaborative Collection Analysis to Develop Consortial Collections

Anne Osterman, Virtual Library of Virginia
Genya O'Gara, James Madison University
Leslie O'Brien, Virginia Tech

Keeping it Real: A Comprehensive and Transparent Evaluation of Electronic Resources

Karen R. Harker, University of North Texas
Laurel Crawford, University of North Texas
Todd Enoch, University of North Texas

Library of Congress Recommended Format Specifications: Encouraging Preservation Without Discouraging Creation

Ted Westervelt, Library of Congress
Donna Scanlon, Library of Congress

Moving Librarian Collecting from Good to Great: Results from the First Year of a Librarian Liaison Collaborative Monographic Purchasing Project

Genya O'Gara, James Madison University
Carolyn Schubert, James Madison University
Lara Sapp, James Madison University
Michael Mungin, James Madison University

No Crystal Ball: Planning for Certain Future Cuts When the Future Is Uncertain

Paoshan W. Yue, University of Nevada - Reno
Gail F. Stanton, University of Nevada - Reno
Karen S. Grigg, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Beth Bernhardt, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Shelf Ready Doesn't Always Mean Ready for the Shelf

Stacey Marien, American University Library
Alayne Mundt, American University Library

Staring Into the Whale’s Mouth: Large-Scale Journal Deaccession at a Small University

Jennifer Dean, Siena Heights University
Renee Bracey, Siena Heights University
Peggy Hlavka, Siena Heights University

Successful E‐Resource Acquisitions: Looking Beyond Selecting, Ordering, Paying, and Receiving to Discovery and Access

Denise Branch, Virginia Commonwealth University

Taming the Wilde: Collaborating with Expertise for Faster, Better, Smarter Collection Analysis

Jacqueline Bronicki, University of Houston
Cherie Turner, University of Houston
Shawn Vaillancourt, University of Houston
Frederick Young, University of Houston

The Buck Stops Here: Assessing the Value of E-Book Subscriptions at the Columbia University Libraries

Melissa J. Goertzen, Columbia University
Krystie A. Klahn, Columbia University

The Challenge of Evaluating and Developing an Interdisciplinary Collection: The East Asian Collection at the Public College

Ewa Dzurak, College of Staten Island/CUNY
Kerry Falloon, College of Staten Island/CUNY
Jonathan Cope, College of Staten Island/CUNY

Wilde About Weeding: An Earnest Effort in Collection Development

Melissa Johnson, Georgia Regents University