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Intellectual Property Policies in Academe: Issues and Concerns with Digital Scholarship

Sheri V. T. Ross, St. Catherine University

Journals and Supplementary Data

Betty Landesman, University of Baltimore

Keeping the Momentum: Moving Ahead with Research Data Support

Hilary Davis, North Carolina State University at Raleigh
Steve Morris, North Carolina State University at Raleigh
Barrie Hayes, University of North Carolina

Knowledge Unlatched: Toward an Open and Networked Future for Academic Publishing

Frances Pinter, Knowledge Unlatched
Lucy Montgomery, Knowledge Unlatched

Moving Technical Reports Forward

David Scherer, Purdue University
Roberto Sarmiento, Northwestern University
Maliaca Oxnam, University of Arizona
Charles Watkinson, Purdue University

Open Access/Closed Coffers: Repositioning an Institutional Repository to Reflect Reality

Anna R. Craft, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Overview of the Altmetrics Landscape

Richard Cave, Public Library of Science

Playing the Odds: Pascal’s Wager and Decision Making in the Long Scholarly Conversation

Douglas Black, Northern Michigan University

The Changing Landscape of Course Content: Electronic Textbooks and Electronic Coursepacks

Heidi M. Schroeder, Michigan State University

The Future of Serials in a Linked Data World

Laurie Kaplan, Serials Solutions, a ProQuest business

Understanding eScience: Reflections on a Houston Symposium

Joanne Romano, The Texas Medical Center Library
Allen Lopez, The Texas Medical Center Library
Maianh Phi, The Texas Medical Center Library

What Do Publishers Do?

Sylvia K. Miller, University of North Carolina Press