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Beyond EDI: An Agent’s Role in the Cloud

Christine M. Stamison, Swets
Anne Campbell, Swets
Michael Winkler, University of Pennsylvania

Champagne Wishes, Caviar Dreams: Incorporating E‐readers into Leisure Reading While on a Beer Budget

Anna Craft, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Elisabeth Leonard, SAGE Publications
Katy Ginanni, Western Carolina University

E‐Resource Triage: Why Doesn’t My Full‐Text Resource Open and How Can I Fix It?

Leslie Burke, EBSCO Information Services

Give a Little Bit: Using Lean Tools to Create Efficiencies in Acquisitions and Beyond

Lisa Spagnolo, University of California, Davis

Mainstreaming Media: Innovating Media Collections at the NCSU Libraries

Darby Orcutt, North Carolina State University

Managing Expectations and Obligations: The Librarian’s Role in Streaming Media for Online Education

Kathleen Carlisle Fountain, Washington State University Vancouver

Moving Your Library to the Cloud

Carrie Rampp, Bucknell University
Jennifer Clarke, Bucknell University
Bill Burkholder, Bucknell University

Platform Choice: Policies and Practice

Tina Feick, Harrassowitz
Jason Price, Claremont Colleges
Susan Macicak, University of Texas at Austin
Dennis Brunning, Arizona State University

Saving Time, Energy, Keystrokes and Sanity: Adventures in Order Automation

Julie Kliever, Providence College
K. C. Hendges, Busca, Inc.
John Riley, Busca, Inc.
Lynne Branch Browne, SkyRiver

Tired of Reinventing the Wheel? Then Stop! How to Use Online Communities for Solutions to Common Library Issues

Laura Warren, San Jose State University
Julie Obst, Central Piedmont Community College

Where’s Professor Watt’s Request? Streamlining to a Paperless Acquisitions Workflow

Rita M. Cauce, Florida International University

You Ought to be in Pictures: Bringing Streaming Video to Your Library

Cheri Duncan, James Madison University
Erika Peterson, James Madison University