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Data Papers in the Network Era

Mackenzie Smith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Everything We See Hides Another: Coping with Hidden Collections in the 21st Century Library

Mark Dimunation, Library of Congress

Executives’ Roundtable: The Boundaries are Getting Blurred

T. Scott Plutchak, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Paul N. Courant, University of Michigan
H. Frederick Dylla, American Institute of Physics
Anthony Watkinson, University College London

Hyde Park Corner

Melody Burton, University of British Columbia
Kimberly Douglas, California Institute of Technology

I Hear the Train A Comin’

Greg Tananbaum, ScholarNext
Kevin Guthrie, ITHAKA
Anne Kenney, Cornell University

New Initiatives in Open Research

Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information
Lee Dirks, Microsoft Research

The Digital Public Library of America: The Idea and Its Implementation

Robert Darnton, Harvard University

The Future of Online Newspapers

Debora Cheney, The Pennsylvania State University
Chuck Palsho, NewsBank, Inc.
Chris Cowan, ProQuest
Fredrick Zarndt, Global Connexions

The Long Arm of the Law

Bill Hannay, Schiff Hardin, LLP
Ann Okerson, Yale University

The Semantic Web for Publishers and Libraries

Michael Keller, Stanford University

The Status Quo Has Got to Go

Brad Eden, Valparaiso University