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A Consortium For Sharing Primary Materials

Joseph J. Esposito, GiantChair
Heather Miller, University of Albany

Charleston Conference Observatory: Are Social Media Impacting in Research?

David Nicholas, University College London
Ian Rowlands, University College London
Deanna Wamae, Emerald Group Publishing Inc.

Creating a Trillion-Field Catalog: Metadata in Google Books

Jon Orwant, Google Books
Anna Fleming, Northwestern University

Efficient and Effective Funding of Open Access 'Books'

Frances Pinter, Bloomsbury Academic
Sanford G. Thatcher, Free-lance Acquiring Editor
Ramune K. Kubilius, Northwestern University

Executives' Roundtable

T Scott Plutchak, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Younsuk Chi, Elsevier, Science & Technology
Kent Anderson, Publisher
Deb Thomas, University of Tennessee

Full-Spectrum Stewardship of the Record of Scholarly and Scientific Research

Brian E C Schottlaender, University of California, San Diego
Margaret M. Kain, University of Alabama at Birmingham

I Hear the Train A Comin' - Live

Greg Tananbaum, Scholarnext
Joseph J. Esposito, GiantChair
Ramune K. Kubilius, Northwestern University

Let Them Eat…Everything: Embracing the Patron-Driven Future

Rick Anderson, University of Utah
Heather Miller, University of Albany

The Long Arm of The Law

Ann Okerson, Yale University
William Hannay, Schiff Hardin LLP
Lauren K. Schoenthaler, Stanford University
Angela Rathmel, University of Kansas

The Tower and The Free Web: The Role of Reference

John Dove, Credo Reference
Phoebe Ayers, University of California at Davis
Casper Grathwohl, Oxford University Press
Jason B. Phillips, New York University
Michael Sweet, Credo Reference
Sam Linthicum, University of South Carolina - Columbia

What Can Our Readers Teach Us?

John Sack, Stanford University
Lettie Conrad, SAGE Publications

When Rubber Meets the Road: Rethinking Your Library Collections

Roger Schonfeld, Ithaka S + R
Sue Woodson, John Hopkins Medicine
Beth Hoskins, Duke University Press

Who Do We Trust? The Meaning of Brand in Scholarly Publishing and Academic Librarianship

Anthony Watkinson, University College London
Kent Anderson, Publisher
Dean Smith, Project Muse
Hazel Woodward, Cranfield University
Allen Renear, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Audrey Powers, University of South Florida