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Discovery versus Disintermediation

Jane Burke, Serials Solutions
Anna Fleming, Northwestern University

Hyperlinked Library Service: Trends, Tools, Transparency

Michael Stephens, Dominican University
Heather S. Miller, SUNY Albany

I Hear the Train a-Comin': Switches, Cars, the Academy and the Web Train Network

Greg Tananbaum, Anianet
Douglas Armato, University of Minnesota Press
Kevin Guthrie, Ithaka

"It's the Economy, Stupid": Dealing with High Acquisition Goals in Low Economic Times

Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, IGI Global
James Wiser, Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium
Robert L. Watkins, Amigos Library Services, Inc.
John G. Dove, Credo Reference

Lightning in a Bottle: Libraries, Technology and the Changing System of Scholarly Communications

Kevin L. Smith, Duke University

New Librarianship

David Lankes, Syracuse University
Jonathan H. Harwell, Georgia Southern University

Open Access: Readership and Citations

Phil Davis, Cornell University
Ramune K. Kubilius, Northwestern University

Our Common Future

Ivy Anderson, California Digital Library
Audrey Powers, University of Florida

Pricing Digital Journals

Adam Chesler, Publishing Consultant
Christopher McKenzie, Wiley-Blackwell
Tony O'Rourke, Institute of Physics
David Stern, Brown University

"Raising Spirits in this Tough Economy": Results from CIBER's Global Library Survey

David Nicholas, University College London
Christopher Warnock, ebrary
Mark Kendall, YBP Library Services
Tony G. Horava, University of Ottawa

The Google Settlement One Year Later

Anthony Watkinson, University College London
Jan Constantine, Authors Guild
Allan Adler, American Association of Publishers
Sharon Dyas-Correia, University of Toronto