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A Novel Approach to Relating Resource Expenditures to Academic Units

Cory Lown, North Carolina State University

Impact Factors, Post-Publication Peer Review and Other Metrics

Richard P. Grant, Faculty of 1000

Let the Data Speak: Use Statistics and Collection Management

Laura Crain, St. Michael's College

Making the most of the Center for Research Libraries: A Members Roundtable

Mary Claire Vandenburg, Queen's University
Sylvia Andrychuk, Queen's University
Mary I. Wilke, The Center for Research Library

The Semantic Web: What you Need to Know and Why it is Important

Darrell Gunter, Collexis Holdings, Inc.
Terry Hulbert, AIP
Thane Kerner, Silverchair
Steve Leicht, Collexis Holdings, Inc.

Usage Statistics: The Perks, Perils and Pitfalls

Christine M. Stamison, Swets
Nick Niemeyer, Annual Reviews
Cory Tucker, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

What Counts? Assessing the Value of Non-Text Resources

Tammy S. Sugarman, Georgia State University
Louise Kelley, ARTstor
Stephanie Krueger, ARTstor

What We Learned From Users: Lessons Learned From Our Student Users

Nancy King, Credo Reference