Perspectives on Engineering Systems - Seeking Convergence Advancing Research and Education to Make Societal Impacts

  • Updates posted here!
  • The Purdue Systems Collaboratory is rescheduling the Annual Meeting and Symposium of the Council of Engineering Systems Universities (CESUN) to Fall 2020, at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. The current rescheduled dates are September 29-30.

    At Purdue, we keep in mind that various perspectives such as “systems thinking”, “systems science”, and “systems engineering” all play a role in addressing engineering systems / socio-technical problems. The CESUN 2020 theme of “Perspectives on Engineering Systems - Seeking Convergence” also highlights that addressing and enhancing engineering systems requires a convergence of knowledge from multiple domains.

    To this end, authors are invited to submit either (1) a two-page abstract or (2) a full paper on one of the CESUN 2020 topics (see below).

    (1) Two-page Abstract | Authors of accepted abstracts, reviewed for fit with the symposium topics, may have the option of (a) presenting in poster format, or (b) authors will make an oral presentation accompanied by a full paper that will be available to symposium participants but will not receive a DOI.


    (2) Full Paper | Full papers of 5 to 8 pages are to be on new work that has not been presented or published elsewhere, or under consideration for publication. Accepted full papers to be included in the archival conference proceedings, and DOI reference number provided, by Purdue Libraries. Additionally, accepted papers will be considered for a special CESUN issue of Systems Engineering.

    All papers already received will be retained for review and selection; the submission window has been extended to June 9, 2020. Authors who wish to update their two page abstract to a full paper are encouraged to do so during this window.



    • Abstract content must be original and relevant to one of the conference topics (listed below).
    • Abstract must be in English
    • Abstract should be about a novel or insightful contribution that is in scope and on a conference topic (listed below).


    • Hazard mitigation, disaster response and recovery
    • Education in engineering systems - how people learn systems thinking
    • Theoretical and methodological advances in systems research
    • Smart infrastructure and smart cities
    • Transportation and other networks
    • Policy interfaces for engineering systems
    • Modeling humans and human institutions
    • Metrics for resilience, sustainability, and socio-technical qualities
    • Sustainability and environmental impact
    • Sustainability and environmental impact
    • Other complex systems such as health care systems, engineering systems of finance, IoT, security systems, and knowledge systems

    We are also accepting submissions in the areas of Purdue Engineering Initiatives:

    • Data and Engineering Applications
    • Engineering and Medicine
    • Autonomous and Connected Systems
    • Innovation and Making
    • The Cislunar Initiative

    Prospective speakers may submit abstracts and papers online.

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