The Year in C-SPAN Archives Research


Executive Director, C-SPAN Archives Dr. Robert X. Browning, Professor of Communication and Political Science,


The Center for C-SPAN Scholarship & Engagement was founded in 2017 at Purdue University to foster and enhance the use of C-SPAN programming in scholarship and teaching. It will also sponsor forums and programs on the Purdue campus as well as around the country at professional conferences. CCSE is part of the Brian Lamb School of Communication in the College of Liberal Arts.

Each year the Center is sponsoring a research conference at Purdue University in which ten papers utilizing the C-SPAN Archives are presented and subsequently published in the Purdue University Press book The Year in C-SPAN Archives Research. The 2019 theme is “Looking Forward – Looking Back Understanding Change in Policy and Process Using the C-SPAN Video Library." Topics can range from the presidency, to the Congress, and the courts, to elections, behavior, or institutional change. Papers can encompass a range of disciplines from history to communication, political science or other social science disciplines. Participants are free to address the theme broadly but should relate their papers in some way to the theme.

The C-SPAN Archives contains nearly 250,000 hours of C-SPAN programming and are located in the Purdue Research Park next to Purdue University. The Archives represents a record of over thirty years of our nation’s political history.

We are currently soliciting proposals for the Fall 2019 conference. See previous volumes (Purdue University Press) and the C-SPAN Video Library (c-span.org) for ideas for future research.


We are using this website as a vehicle to submit and review proposals. Researchers seeking to apply for these grants made possible from the C-SPAN Education Foundation should submit a vita of less than five pages and a proposal of no more than 1500 words in which they outline the proposed research, how it will utilize the C-SPAN Video Library, and how this research advances knowledge of a research question in their field. The grants will be paid to individuals by Purdue University.

NOTE: Your vita will be uploaded after you hit submit. There is a second page for additional files.

A committee of faculty from the Brian Lamb School of Communication and the Department of Political Science will review the proposals. Proposals should be submitted by May 15, 2019 and decisions will be made by mid-May to ensure that participants have sufficient time to complete their research papers.

All papers should acknowledge that funding was made possible in part by the C-SPAN Education Foundation. Submissions of proposals must be done using this submission form. Questions about research, papers, and the conference should be directed to Professor Robert X. Browning, Brian Lamb School of Communication and the Department of Political Science (rxb@purdue.edu).