Deriving Customized Integrated Web Query Interfaces


Given a set of query interfaces from providers in the same domain (e.g., car rental), the goal is to build automatically an integrated interface that makes the access to individual sources transparent to users. Our goal is to allow users to choose their preferred providers. Consequently, the integrated interface should reflect only the query interfaces of these sources. The problem scrutinized in this work is deriving customized integrated interfaces. On the hypothesis that query interfaces on the Web are easily understood by ordinary users (well-designed assumption), mainly because of the way their attributes are organized (structural property) and named (lexical property), we develop algorithms to construct customized integrated interfaces. Experiments are performed to validate our analytical studies, including a user survey.


Deep Web, search, integration, metasearch engine

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2009 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Joint Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology Milan, Italy - September 15-September 18