A Two-phase framework for quality-aware Web service selection


Service-oriented computing is gaining momentum as the next technological tool to leverage the huge investments in Web application development. The expected large number of Web services poses a set of new challenges for efficiently accessing these services. We propose an integrated service query framework that facilitates users in accessing their desired services. The framework incorporates a service query model and a two-phase optimization strategy. The query model defines service communities that are used to organize the large and heterogeneous service space. The service communities allow users to use declarative queries to retrieve their desired services without worrying about the underlying technical details. The two-phase optimization strategy automatically generates feasible service execution plans and selects the plan with the best user-desired quality. In particular, we present an evolutionary algorithm that is able to “co-evolve” multiple feasible execution plans simultaneously and allows them to compete with each other to generate the best plan. We conduct a set of experiments to assess the performance of the proposed algorithms.


web services, query, heterogeneous

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Service Oriented Computing and Applications (June 2010), 4 (2), pg. 63-79