NADEEF: a commodity data cleaning system


Despite the increasing importance of data quality and the rich theoretical and practical contributions in all aspects of data cleaning, there is no single end-to-end off-the-shelf solution to (semi-)automate the detection and the repairing of violations w.r.t. a set of heterogeneous and ad-hoc quality constraints. In short, there is no commodity platform similar to general purpose DBMSs that can be easily customized and deployed to solve application-specific data quality problems. In this paper, we present NADEEF, an extensible, generalized and easy-to-deploy data cleaning platform. NADEEF distinguishes between a programming interface and a core to achieve generality and extensibility. The programming interface allows the users to specify multiple types of data quality rules, which uniformly define what is wrong with the data and (possibly) how to repair it through writing code that implements predefined classes. We show that the programming interface can be used to express many types of data quality rules beyond the well known CFDs (FDs), MDs and ETL rules. Treating user implemented interfaces as black-boxes, the core provides algorithms to detect errors and to clean data. The core is designed in a way to allow cleaning algorithms to cope with multiple rules holistically, i.e. detecting and repairing data errors without differentiating between various types of rules. We showcase two implementations for core repairing algorithms. These two implementations demonstrate the extensibility of our core, which can also be replaced by other user-provided algorithms. Using real-life data, we experimentally verify the generality, extensibility, and effectiveness of our system.


information systems, data management systems, database design and models, query languages, relational database model, relational databse query languages

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Proceedings of 2013 ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, pp 541-552