Policy-based security management for federated healthcare databases (or RHIOs)


The role of security management in the RHIOs has recently gained increasing attention due to strict privacy and disclosure rules, and federal regulations such as HIPAA. The envisioned use of electronic health care records in such systems involves pervasive and ubiquitous access to healthcare information from anywhere outside of traditional hospital boundaries which puts increasing demands on the underlying security mechanisms. In this paper, we have designed a context-aware policy-based system to provide security management for health informatics. The policies are based on a set of use cases developed for the HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) standard. Our system is designed to adapt well to ubiquitous healthcare services in a non-traditional, pervasive environment using the same infrastructure that enables federated healthcare management for traditional organizational boundaries. We also present an enforcement architecture and a demonstration prototype for the policy-based system proposed in this paper.


Design, federated healthcare, architecture, privacy and disclosure policy, role based access control, security, integrity, standardizaton

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HIKM '06 Proceedings of the international workshop on Healthcare information and knowledge management