Controlled and cooperative updates of XML documents in byzantine and failure-prone distributed systems


This paper proposes an infrastructure and related algorithms for the controlled and cooperative updates of XML documents. Key components of the proposed system are a set of XML-based languages for specifying access-control policies and the path that the document must follow during its update. Such path can be fully specified before the update process begins or can be dynamically modified by properly authorized subjects while being transmitted. Our approach is fully distributed in that each party involved in the process can verify the correctness of the operations performed until that point on the document without relying on a central authority. More importantly, the recovery procedure also does not need the participation of a central authority. Our approach is based on the use of some special control information that is transmitted together with the document and a suite of protocols. We formally specify the structure of such control information and the protocols. We also analyze security and complexity of the proposed protocols.


access controls, authentication, byzantine and distributed systems, reliability, security, integrity, protection, xml documents

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ACM Transactions on Information and System Security (TISSEC) Volume 9 Issue 4, November 2006