Verification of Receipts from M-commerce Transactions on NFC Cellular Phones


A main challenge in mobile commerce is to make it possible for users to manage their transaction histories from both online e-commerce transactions and in-person transactions. Such histories are typically useful to build credit or to establish trust based on past transactions. In this paper we propose an approach to manage electronic receipts on cellular devices by assuring their secure and privacy-preserving usage. We provide a comprehensive notion of transactions history including both on-line transaction and in-person transactions. We apply cryptographic protocols, such as secret sharing and zero knowledge proofs, in a potentially vulnerable and constrained setting. Specifically, our approach supports flexible strategies based on Shamir's secret sharing to cater to different user requirements and architectural constraints. In addition, aggregate zero knowledge proofs are used to efficiently support proofs of various receipt attributes. We have implemented the system on Nokia NFC cellular phones and report in the paper performance evaluation results.


cellular radio, cryptographic protocols, data privacy, electronic commerce, mobile computing

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2008 10th IEEE Conference on E-Commerce Technology and the Fifth IEEE Conference on Enterprise Computing, E-Commerce and E-Services, Issue Date: 21-24 July 2008: 36 - 43 Washington, DC