Privacy-Preserving Accountable Accuracy Management Systems (PAAMS)


We argue for the design of “Privacy-preserving Accountable Accuracy Management Systems (PAAMS)”. The designs of such systems recognize from the onset that accuracy, accountability, and privacy management are intertwined. As such, these systems have to dynamically manage the tradeoffs between these (often conflicting) objectives. For example, accuracy in such systems can be improved by providing better accountability links between structured and unstructured information. Further, accuracy may be enhanced if access to private information is allowed in controllable and accountable ways. Our proposed approach involves three key elements. First, a model to link unstructured information such as that found in email, image and document repositories with structured information such as that in traditional databases. Second, a model for accuracy management and entity disambiguation by proactively preventing, detecting and tracing errors in information bases. Third, a model to provide privacy-governed operation as accountability and accuracy are managed.


privacy, accuracy, accountability, entity disambiguation

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Protecting Persons While Protecting the People Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2009, Volume 5661/2009, 115-121

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