Measuring the structural similarity among XML documents and DTDs


In applications involving spatio-temporal modelling, granularities of data may have to adapt according to the evolving semantics and significance of data. In this paper we define ST 2_ODMGe, a multigranular spatio-temporal model supporting evolutions, which encompass the dynamic adaptation of attribute granularities, and the deletion of attribute values. Evolutions are specified as Event - Condition - Action rules and are executed at run-time. The event, the condition, and the action may refer to a period of time and a geographical area. The evolution may also be constrained by the attribute values. The ability of dynamically evolving the object attributes results in a more flexible management of multigranular spatio-temporal data but it requires revisiting the notion of object consistency with respect to class definitions and access to multigranular object values. Both issues are formally investigated in the paper.


spatiotemeral, multigranular, dynamic adaptation, temporal data, object values

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Advances in Spatial and Temporal Databases Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2009, Volume 5644/2009, 320-337