SimDB: a similarity-aware database system


The identification and processing of similarities in the data play a key role in multiple application scenarios. Several types of similarity-aware operations have been studied in the literature. However, in most of the previous work, similarity-aware operations are studied in isolation from other regular or similarity-aware operations. Furthermore, most of the previous research in the area considers a standalone implementation, i.e., without any integration with a database system. In this demonstration we present SimDB, a similarity-aware database management system. SimDB supports multiple similarity-aware operations as first-class database operators. We describe the architectural changes to implement the similarity-aware operators. In particular, we present the way conventional operators' implementation machinery is extended to support similarity-aware operators. We also show how these operators interact with other similarity-aware and regular operators. In particular, we show the effectiveness of multiple equivalence rules that can be used to extend cost-based query optimization to the case of similarity-ware operations.


Information systems, database management, systems, query processing

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SIGMOD '10 Proceedings of the 2010 international conference on Management of data