Secure Collaboration in a Mediator-Free Distributed Environment


The internet and related technologies have made multidomain collaborations a reality. Collaboration enables domains to effectively share resources; however it introduces several security and privacy challenges. Managing security in the absence of a central mediator is even more challenging. In this paper, we propose a distributed secure interoperability framework for mediator-free collaboration environments. We introduce the idea of secure access paths which enables domains to make localized access control decisions without having global view of the collaboration. We also present a path authentication technique for proving path authenticity. Furthermore, we present an on-demand path discovery algorithms that enable domains to securely discover paths in the collaboration environment. We implemented a simulation of our proposed framework and ran experiments to investigate the effect of several design parameters on our proposed access path discovery algorithm.


access controls, distributed systems, Internet, access path authentication, data privacy, mediator-free collaboration environment, mediator-free distributed environment, multidomain secure collaboration, on-demand path discovery, secure access control path

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IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Database Systems, Oct. 2008, Volume: 19 Issue:10 page(s): 1338 - 1351