Multi-granular Spatio-temporal Object Models: Concepts and Research Directions


The capability of representing spatio-temporal objects is fundamental when analysing and monitoring the changes in the spatial configuration of a geographical area over a period of time. An important requirement when managing spatio-temporal objects is the support for multiple granularities. In this paper we discuss how the modelling constructs of object data models can be extended for representing and queryingmulti-granular spatio-temporal objects. In particular, we describe object-oriented formalizations for granularities, granules, and multi-granular values, exploring the issues of value conversions. Furthermore, we formally define an object-oriented multi-granular query language, and discuss dynamic multi-granularity. Finally, we discuss open research issues.


spatio-trmporal objects, spatial configuration, multiple granularities, value conversions, object oriented, query language

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ICOODB'09 Proceedings of the Second international conference on Object databases