The Department of Basic Medical Sciences at Purdue University emphasizes integrative studies that are applicable to animal and human health. Discovery activities range from studies of molecular and cellular processes to studies of the whole animal, in areas of cell and tissue growth, differentiation, regeneration, and numerous aspects of cancer biology. BMS faculty currently have active research programs in the areas of cancer biology; musculoskeletal biomechanics and skeletal adaptation; neural development, mechanisms of injury and regeneration; tissue dynamic spectroscopy; cellular and molecular screening; and high throughput analysis of cell function.

This series contains publications from the Department of Basic Medical Sciences at Purdue University.


Submissions from 2015


AMP-Activated Protein Kinase Directly Phosphorylates and Destabilizes Hedgehog Pathway Transcription Factor GLI1 in Medulloblastoma, Yen-Hsing Li, Jia Luo, Yung-Yi C. Mosley, Victoria E. Hedrick, Lake N. Paul, Julia Chang, GuangJun Zhang, Yu-Kuo Wang, Max R. Banko, Anne Brunet, Shihuan Kuang, Jen-Leih Wu, Chun-Ju Chang, Matthew P. Scott, and Jer-Yen Yang

Submissions from 2014


Ontogenetic Scaling Patterns and Functional Anatomy of the Pelvic Limb Musculature in Emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae), Luis P. Lamas, Russell P. Main, and John R. Hutchinson

Submissions from 2011


The p53 Inhibitor MDM2 Facilitates Sonic Hedgehog- Mediated Tumorigenesis and Influences Cerebellar Foliation, Reem Malek, Jennifer Matta, Natalie Taylor, Mary Ellen Perry, and Susan Mendrysa