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Algorithmic art, Chaos, Complex plane, Dynamics, Escape set, Fractals, Graphics, Iteration, Julia set, Mandelbrot set, Prisoner set


This paper explores new types of fractals created by iteration of the functions xn+1 = f1(xn, yn) and yn+1 = f2(xn, yn) in a general plane, rather than in the complex plane. Iteration of such functions generates orbits with novel fractal patterns. Especially interesting are N-th order polynomials, raised to a positive or negative integer power, p.

Such functions create novel fractal patterns, including budding, spiked, striped, dragon head, and bat-like forms. The present faculty working paper shows how to create a rich variety of complex and fascinating fractals using this generalized approach, which is accessible to students with high school level skills in mathematics and coding.