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Zero defects policy, defective items, imperfect production, root cause robustness, analysis of defects, IN state, OUT state, in-control, out-of-control, just-in-time


This project aimed at investigating online damages of packaging materials generated during production because of imperfectness of production processes. These online damages may lead to upsurge in production cost and/or market returns, causing the company to experience losses and even damage its reputation. Data on online damages were collected for 20ml, 40ml and 100ml labels of an acaricide product for the period between July 2018 and June 2019 and statistically analyzed. Investigation was done on the causes of online damages, then corrective and preventive actions carried out. Analysis of online damages of labels of the three pack sizes revealed a loss of 1.01% on labels alone during the year under analysis. After implementing corrective and preventive actions, there was a reduction of online damages of labels.