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Hands on time (HOT), quality control (QC) laboratory, Lean Six Sigma, scheduling, planning, modelling


Quality control (QC) laboratories are critical components in drug manufacturing and running them efficiently contributes to better, consistent supply of cost-effective quality products, while also and preventing deaths due to untimely delivery or unavailability of medicines. Having a resource modelling tool to estimate resources needed to handle a particular demand in a given system is essential for efficient running of QC laboratory. This study was done to establish such a model at XYZ Pharmaceuticals. The list of all products manufactured by XYZ Pharmaceuticals Southern Africa was reviewed; and product families for all products were identified. Analysts’ hands on time (HOT) to process one sample of each of the product families was estimated. The number of analysts required to support the workload at XYZ Pharmaceuticals was calculated using the HOTs for the different product families and the Maslaton’s Calculation Model. A baseline resource model was established.