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Keywords, standardization, personnel training, pharmaceutical industry, productivity, efficiency


In any industry or organization, personnel training is emphasized with reference to National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) guidelines and other globally accepted guidelines. In spite of many refresher training programs, the pharmaceutical industry still faces significant variations in individual/ team efficiency and productivity. Individuals/teams given the same task, SOPs, environment and materials continue to produce significantly different results reflecting the possibility of operating on different sets of theoretical and practical information, which may stem from differing trainer, training program or training method. This study focused on using a standardized manual for training two teams A and B involved in vaccine production, as a tool to increase employee efficiency, productivity and quality, at a Livestock vaccine manufacturing company, with an objective to shorten the supply chain of vaccines (starting with Newcastle disease vaccine I-2 strain) to improve product quality, availability and affordability up to rural household level and back yard farmers. Baseline data was collected from four pre-training production batches and compared with data collected from three post-training production batches. The results showed that a tailored standardized training was effective in achieving the same level of efficiency, regardless of how late or soon the member joined the facility, and who conducted the training. The process of training staff, using a company tailored standardized manual, was shown to be successful within this company’s set up and could potentially be applied to other industries that are struggling with implementation of uniform information to their staff.