Microbial Informatics and Experimentation (MIE) is a journal about computers and microbes. We created a new journal to fill a gap for which there is no publication avenue that is particularly geared to computationally-oriented, strongly biologically motivated, pragmatic articles focused on microbes. On the one hand, the bioinformatics journals are generally very computer technical and unlikely to be read by the diverse community of microbiologists. There is also a strong emphasis in bioinformatics literature on human/mammalian systems, though this is a secondary issue. On the other hand, microbial informatics work has appeared in a variety of microbiological publications, but it is seldom a good fit there either, and methods that span diverse microbes have no obvious home.


This is the publisher pdf of Michael J Wise, Barry L Wanner. Welcome to Microbial Informatics and Experimentation. Microbial Informatics and Experimentation 2011, 1:1 (14 June 2011) and is available at: 10.1186/2042-5783-1-1.

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