Advancing a qualitative-based research construct: Methods and applications

Chien-tsung Lu, Purdue University - Department of Aviation Technology
Jennifer Kirschner, Purdue University - Department of Aviation Technology
Brent D. Bowen, Purdue University
Erin E. Bowen, Purdue University, West Lafayette


A research framework, or construct, provides researchers with generally accepted guidelines to organize scholarly efforts and foster methodological rigor. Originating through applications of the scientific method, many qualitative research frameworks have become fully vetted and recognized in recent years, including action research, grounded theory, and the phenomenology, among many others. Over the last decade, the Policy Research Construct has evolved into a refined framework for qualitative and mixed method studies. This paper continues to define the PRC, and includes a meta-review of multiple applications of the PRC to examine policy-related research questions, as well as organizational change and program effectiveness research.