A large midwestern university has recently acquired Cirrus SR20 aircraft to replace an aging Piper PA28-161 fleet. This change to new and more advanced Cirrus aircraft has led to major changes in the flight program curriculum. New training techniques, guidelines, and operating procedures have been introduced to facilitate a successful transition. This study compared contributing factors to fatal accidents in SR20 and PA28-161 aircraft to determine if there are new risks associated with the subject fleet change. Using National Transportation Safety Board data, this study examined probable cause and other pertinent data from fatal accidents over the past ten years. The data was statistically analyzed to determine if there is any correlation between contributing factors for the two aircraft types. This analysis will help university leaders to identify new risks facing participants in the flight program. Recommendations based on the findings are offered with the intent of reducing the level of new risk associated with the fleet replacement.


SR20, PA28, aircraft accidents, contributing factors

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