Wastestream Characterization for a Packed Bed Biofilter Intended for Simultaneous Treatment of Graywater and Air


An important function of life support systems developed for a long- duration human mission to Mars is the ability to recycle water and air. The Bio-Regenerative Environmental Air Treatment for Health (BREATHe) is part of a multicomponent life support system and will simultaneously treat wastewater and air. The BREATHe system will consist of packed bed biofilm reactors. Model waste streams will be used for experiments conducted during the design phase of the BREATHe system. This paper summarizes expected characteristics of water and air waste steams that would be generated by a crew of six during a human mission to Mars. In addition to waste air and water generation rates, the chemical composition of each waste stream is defined. Specifically, chemical constituents expected to be present in hygiene wastewater, dishwater, laundry water, atmospheric condensate, and cabin air are presented. Because air and water will be treated simultaneously, it will be essential to examine the partitioning of chemicals between the gas and liquid phases in waste streams.

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Presented at International Conference On Environmental Systems, July 2003, Vancouver, BC, CANADA, Session: Biological Waste Processing & Microbial Processes II


ammonia, shower water, laundry water, wastewater, surfactants

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July 2003



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Project 6 - Bio-Regnerative Environmental Treatment for Health-air and water (BREATHe 1); Project 7 - Biofiltration for Gaseous Trace Contaminant Removal for Advanced Life Support-air (BREATHe 2)

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M. Katherine Banks; Albert J. Heber




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